Lady Gaga in London

Posted on September 04, 2013

Honestly, we can’t even make the attempt to keep up with Steffi’s thrice-hourly costume changes. It’s exhausting enough checking in every few days. We have no idea how she manages it. Then again, we think her self-enforced need to constantly change her costume is leaving her with some rather limp or boring ensembles. And when she’s not going in that direction, than she’s doing something cringe-worthy.

Walk with us.


Lady Gaga leaves her hotel in London in Alexandre Herchcovitch.

This is fine. Inoffensive and a little on the dull side. We could write a couple thousand angry words about a woman who sets herself up as a role model going out of her way to infantilize herself by carrying around a pink teddy bear, but we don’t have the energy and besides, you’d get bored.


Lady Gaga at the Boujis club in London.

But this is post-Miley tragic and positively reeking of desperation. There. We said it.

Even the bouncers look dubious.


Lady Gaga at the Roundhouse in London.

And this is just awkwardly batshit.


Lady Gaga leaves the Langham Hotel in London in Balmain.

But we love this kind of Steffi. The one who seems to have a bit of a sense of humor about her image. The one who isn’t afraid to look silly but manages not to look stupid (an insane balancing act, to be sure). Yeah, the mouse ears aren’t new and no, the outfit’s not remotely flattering, but we feel like she’s playing a character here. As opposed to the two previous ensembles which seemed direction-less and a little desperate.


Lady Gaga arrives at the Boujis Night Club in London in Thom Browne.

Call us hopelessly conventional, but this is the Steffi we like the most; the one who really knows how to use fashion to make a strong statement. The Steffi who manages chic.

We’re surprised to see her recycling her shoes so much. Surprised and impressed, actually. But you know what they say, once a girl finds a comfy pair of heels, she can’t stop wearing them.

Okay, no one says that.

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