Judging the Project Runway Finale Judges

Posted on September 07, 2013

Darlings, we’re scrambling like crazy to run around Fashion Week and somehow at the same time pull together the Project Runway finale collections posts. They’ll be up soon, but in the mean time, let’s all form opinions on how the judges dressed.


Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and Kerry Washington at the Project Runway Season 12 finale taping during New York Fashion Week.

Heidi Klum in a custom Max Azria atelier gown.

Nina Garcia in Elie Saab

Kerry Washington in Stella McCartney

Collectively, that may be the best-dressed set of finale judges ever. Certainly the presence of Zac over Michael Kors means the addition of quite a few style points to the group. But Heidi really brought her A-game this time, opting to follow the age-old, time-tested fashion maxim, Go With What Works. This is not just in her wheelhouse, it’s in her sweet spot, as they say. She can work a look like this in her sleep and it plays to all her best assets. She’s a 10/10, which makes scoring the rest of them a cruel exercise. We’ll just run them down in order:

Zac looks adorable. The pale purple shirt was a great idea because it reads beautifully in pictures and probably TV; much better than a white shirt. Also, he’s impeccably fitted.

Kerry comes next, but she’s almost tied with Nina for the bottom slot. It’s not quite reading in these pictures, but to everyone sitting in that tent, who mostly only saw her from the side, there was a murmur of whispers as she walked out. We must’ve heard “… pregnant?” 20 times in about 5 seconds echoing across our section. And hey, maybe she is. But that dress gathers thickly, all at the front, right at her belly. The silhouette from the side is just plain odd. Pretty fabric, though. She needed a much stronger lip.

And finally, there’s Miss Nina, who let us down this time. Sweetie, we love you, but we’re just not loving this look. The pants are too long and while we can see the value of wearing black for television, this just comes off as a void in pictures. A big nothing with a lace top.

Finale collections coming shortly, darlings.



[Photo Credit: ACE/INFPhoto.com, Jennifer Graylock/INFPhoto.com]

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