Goldie Hawn at the 2013 Novak Djokovic Foundation Fundraising Gala Dinner

Posted on September 16, 2013

What’s not to love here?

Goldie Hawn attends the 2013 Novak Djokovic Foundation Fundraising Gala Dinner in New York City.

She’s just so very Goldie. We want to get mid-afternoon-drunk with her.

Look, from a style perspective, there’s a lot here we could complain about, but at the end of the day, if you’re the guy telling Goldie Hawn to get her hair out of her face, you’re the guy who’s kind of missing the point about personal style.

Goldie’s the same age as Helen Mirren. If she did herself up Mirren-style (i.e., chic, sometimes sexy, and generally considered age-appropriate) she’d look so odd that people would either not recognize her or would wind up recoiling from her. We guarantee if she got her hair cut like Helen’s almost everyone would say she looked instantly ten years older. Granted, this is not an excuse for having such messy hair.

As for the rest of it, it’s fun. Those aren’t the shoes for that dress, but we like that she’s still doing the drapey, brightly colored thing. It’s her signature style, in as much as she actually has one. Yeah, it’s a little nightgown-y. You know what? She’s Goldie. She don’t give a shit. She’s gonna stand there and wave and laugh like you all just threw a party for her.




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