Girl, That’s Not Your Dress: Pink at the Thanks for Sharing Premiere

Posted on September 18, 2013

Man, this is so not the direction we would have gone with her.


Pink attends the premiere of “Thanks for Sharing” in Los Angeles.

She’s basically Pink, in a somewhat standard, personality-free red carpet gown. Sure, she cleans up well, but there’s no statement being made here. And if you’re Pink, standing in front of a movie poster where you’re listed as “Alecia Moore,” instead of by your much more well-known stage name, now is the time to be making a statement, dammit. Let’s break this down.

Obviously, any kind of Rocker Chick chic is off the menu, because if you’re going to make a statement at a time like this, then it shouldn’t be “I’m EXACTLY who you think I am.” To us, looking at her, that leaves two options: High-Drag Glamour or Fashion Bitch. In other words, either J Lo-lite or Gaga-lite (but not the current, messy, janky-wig-wearing Gaga; more like circa 2011 Gaga). Girl Next Door is never really gonna work with her, and any sort of standard Princess or Pretty Girl looks are as lacking in personality as the dress she’s wearing. Sex Symbol would be similarly boring, coming from her.

The best thing any pop star has in her arsenal when she’s transitioning into capital-A Actress-hood is her ability to absolutely own any premiere red carpet she deigns to walk on, even if Gwyneth Paltrow is walking it with her. We expect to see our pop stars in highly memorable if not downright eye-popping ensembles. Give a gal like that a shot at wearing some real fashion and she should always run with it every time.

Girl, pack that shit up and send it off to Sofia Vergara. Also: NEVER with the DIY hair and makeup on the red carpet. Tsk. You just don’t have the skills, girl.




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