Girl, That’s Not Your Dress: Naomi Watts at the “Diana” Paris Premiere

Posted on September 09, 2013

Bless her heart, this smells like desperation. The movie’s getting such viciously bad reviews that we can’t help thinking of this as the quintessential Defensive Dress. The thinking goes like this: “If I really pile it on, from shoes to hair, then everyone will stop talking about this thing I don’t want them to talk about.” A fine plan, honey. Except you’re standing in front of a backdrop reminding everyone of why you’re here.


Naomi Watts attends the premiere of “Diana” in Paris in a Marchesa dress paired with a Reece Hudson clutch.

Marchesa Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Marine van Outryve

Not that there’s anything wrong with that dress. It’s a pretty dress, if a little over-wrought. But it truly isn’t her dress; not really. She doesn’t look right in these floofy, fluffy, spun-sugar dresses. She needs sleek and sophisticated.

Perhaps not coincidentally, this is about as far from the real Diana’s personal style as you can get.




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