Colton Haynes in Emporio Armani at the 2013 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party

Posted on September 30, 2013

Listen, kid. We say this with the utmost love and respect …


“Arrow” star Colton Haynes attends the 2013 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party in West Hollywood, California in head-to-toe Emporio Armani.

But if there’s such a thing as a gay item of clothing, then that is the gayest jacket we’ve ever seen.

We … kinda like it? It turned our heads, that’s for sure. But – and we hate when we sound so gender-conformist – it really does look like a ladyjacket to us. We give him all the credit in the world, we really do, for being bold enough to wear that. But putting aside the flamboyance of the look, we think it’s kind of oddly unflattering. It’s awfully blocky and shapeless for someone with a bod like that to be wearing. It just seems to sort of … stop at the bottom, with no shaping to it. We’re also really not crazy about that orange leather piping, which, when combined with the square shape and bright orange tweed, kind of makes him look like a couch. And we saw this guy from an inch away at Fashion Week. Believe us when we say, “couch” should never be the word one thinks of when one sees him.




[Photo Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

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