Aaron Eckhart in Beverly Hills

Posted on September 19, 2013

You guys, look at Aaron’s widdle shoes!

Aaron Eckhart out and about in Beverly Hills, California. on September 18, 2013.

Look at us, pretending like there’s some sort of fashion reason for posting these pictures!

Pardon us for a moment, but …. woof.

Anyway, the shoes: Tom’s on record as thinking saddle shoes are for children in the 1950s and/or Peanuts characters. But it seemed like every damn male at New York Fashion Week was sporting them and by the end of it, Tom’s resistance had worn down a little. And it’s exactly this brown suede style that convinced him. Now we’re both fighting over who gets to buy this pair. And since Tom already won the fights for Daniel Craig’s shoes and Robert Pattinson’s jacket, it’s time to let Lorenzo have this one.

We swear we don’t really fight over who gets to buy something a celebrity’s wearing. Okay, maybe a couple times a year. Tops.




[Photo Credit: Dino/VM/VM/FAMEFLYNET]

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