Taylor Swift in Elie Saab at The Staples Center Press Event

Posted on August 21, 2013

God, the things the entertainment complex comes up with in order to keep us all talking. We actually spent precious moments of our morning trying to figure out exactly what was being celebrated here only to find out it was nothing more than Tay-Tay breaking Brit-Brit’s record for number of sold out shows at LA’s Staples Center (Brit had 8, Tay has 11), but not breaking the record overall, since she’s tied with Latin pop group Mana, who also sold out 11 shows at the arena but probably didn’t get this kind of press attention for it because it’s more important when a blonde white girl breaks some other blonde white girl’s totally arbitrary record.

Are we all on the same page? Let’s talk clothes.


Taylor Swift attends a press event for breaking The Staples Center’s record of most sold-out shows for a solo artist held at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

It’s cute. We suppose this type of event presents its own styling issues, because you want to look good for pictures, but you don’t want to look like you’re rubbing your success in people’s faces. Personally, we probably would have found it hilarious if she’d shown up in one of her extravagant princess gowns (with a big sash that spelled out “SUCK IT”) and proceeded to slay everyone in the room with epic bitchface, but that’s just how we roll. We can’t expect Tay to play out our bitchy gay fantasies. This is fine. It’s workman-like. Recognizably Swiftian, but modest enough to not make her look like she’s showing off. Obviously, being us, we think there are more stylish ways to work a look and an event like this, but Tay’s never really gonna be a fashion diva (barring a radical change in approach or plummet in sales, whichever comes first), so we’re inclined to be accepting. If this was a red carpet or some other, less ridiculous kind of public appearance we’d have higher standards.


[Photo Credit: Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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