Sharon Stone and Amanda Seyfried at the “Lovelace” Las Vegas Premiere

Posted on August 05, 2013

It’s kind of fun to have Sharon Stone to talk about. We hope she has a career rebirth and we get to see her swanning on the Oscars red carpet in something outrageous. It’s time, America.


Sharon Stone and Amanda Seyfried attend the “Lovelace” Las Vegas Premiere. Amanda Seyfried is wearing a Stella McCartney top and shorts paired with Calvin Klein Collection shoes.

It’s Monday morning and math is hard, so we don’t feel like scoring them in a “Pairs Division” post. We’ll say this: we pretty much love Amanda’s outfit just for being stark and interesting at the same time. We think it’s smart to play up her amazing face in her styling. Once you decide to rest everything on those cartoon eyes and full lips, styling her becomes fairly easy. We like the grey shoe, but would’ve prefered not seeing suede on the RC in August.

We like Sharon’s outfit, for the most part. It makes a nice contrast with Amanda’s (we’d swear they coordinated), and it suits her. But we don’t think it looks very … refined. That blouse is as standard as blouses get and the skirt looks like a girdle. Also: the shoes don’t really go. And we’re not sure what’s going on with her face, but her makeup is NOT looking good in pictures. She’s either DIYing her makeup or she’s having it put on by someone who doesn’t understand high definition digital cameras. It’s like all her features recede from more than a few feet away. We suspect this makeup looks okay in person, but it doesn’t look right in pictures on the red carpet. Not to us, anyway.



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