Pairs Division: Bullock & Clooney at the Gravity Premiere

Posted on August 29, 2013

We were right. They’re gonna ace this poledance. Given the early buzz on the movie (which could take it all the way to the Oscars), this could be an epic poledance for the ages.

Not that these looks are problem-free, of course. As always, we have judgment to render. But if nothing else, the two of them together simply demand attention, regardless of what they’re wearing.


Sandra Bullock and George Clooney attend the Opening Ceremony and ‘Gravity’ premiere at Palazzo del Cinema in Venice, Italy. Sandra Bullock is wearing a J. Mendel siren red silk wool gazaar strapless bustier gown with asymmetrical draping paired with Roger Vivier shoes and bag and Martin Katz jewelry.

J. Mendel Resort 2014 Collection


SHE: Absolutely refuses to do the hand-on-hip, crossed-legs, gotta-pee-because-I’m-just-a-girl pose, and for that, we love her. Still, the slit here is more than a bit too high. Love the color and shape on her, though. As kickass as those shoes are, we think they might be a bit too heavy for the look. Not loving the hair much either. Score: 7.5/10.

HE: Is wearing the same over-sized tux he always does. It’s a shame, because we can’t think of one male celeb who looks more like he was born to wear a tux than George, and yet his actual tux is kind of disappointing. Score: 7.5/10. And most of that’s because he simply can’t look bad in a tux, no matter the fit.

Combined Score: 7.5/10. That seems about right. She occasionally does well for herself, but for the most part, these are not the most fashionable of stars. Then again, they don’t really have to be. We’re just grateful they are neither pulling a Jolie or Pitting all over that red carpet. Quibbles with the looks, yes, but these two are at least savvy enough to know that they’re supposed to show up having put some effort in.

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