Lady Gaga in NYC and LA

Posted on August 19, 2013

Goodness, Steffi’s on a STYLE RAMPAGE, you guys! In the run up to her new single dropping, she’s been busying herself by having histrionic, attention-seeking meltdowns on twitter and running out over and over again in front of cameras, in an array of not-so-secret identities.


Lady Gaga promotes her new album in NYC in Balmain.

Here’s 1980s Uber-Bitch Interior Decorator Steffi!



Lady Gaga promotes her new album in NYC in Balmain.

’90s Eurotrash Club-Hopping Socialite Steffi!


Lady Gaga makes an appearance on “Good Morning America” in Mathieu Mirano.

Steffi, the Flying Nun!


Lady Gaga arrive home in New York City in Balenciaga.

Shabby Chic Steffi! (Nylon wig sold separately)


Lady Gaga leaves Chateau Marmont in LA in Saint Laurent.

Half-Naked Beatnik Lumberjack Steffi!


Keep your eyes peeled for many more Steffis to come. Girl’s on a roll.



Discuss. Lorenzo dislikes; Tom thinks it’s a slight return to form for her, even if it does sound a little warmed-over.
[Photo Credit: ACE, Elder Ordonez, Reyes/]

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