Lady Gaga in Mila Schön in New York City

Posted on August 21, 2013

Lady Gaga’s Attention Tour 2013 continues with more public LARPing.

Lady Gaga leaves a photo shoot in New York City.

By day, she’s an internationally famous socialite and supermodel, with a taste for the high life, space-age yoga pants, gigantic synthetic wigs, and sleeping with royalty.


Lady Gaga out and about in New York City in a leather catsuit by Mila Schön.

By night she’s a mysterious, sexy crimefighter, with a similar fondness for synthetic wigs, a tendency toward rashes and yeast infections,  and a knack for being the scourge of the underworld! Well, not “night,” exactly. It looks more like late afternoon. It’ll probably be dark soon, though.

Bet she smells like baby powder.




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