Jodie Foster in Roland Mouret at the “Elysium” Premiere

Posted on August 08, 2013

Well, this all seems to be in order.


Jodie Foster attends the premiere of “Elysium” in Los Angeles in a Roland Mouret dress paired with a jimmy Choo ‘Cayla’ clutch.

Roland Mouret Breccia Fold-Detail Dress

Simple, form-fitting blue dress? Silver accents? Neither muss nor fuss? This must be Jodie Foster. The lady’s got a very consistent look; you’ve got to give her that. What’s interesting is that, because it’s pretty much a classic and because it’s somewhat safe and sedate, she hasn’t really had to do anything to update it in the last 20 years. If any of this sounds like criticism, it’s not meant to. Sure, it’s not flashy or even particularly interesting, but it gets the job done and that’s pretty much what Jodie’s all about in her career: showing up and getting the job done. Look at the closeups of her very posed  hands. “I am presenting my jewels and accessories so you can get a good shot of them because that’s how the bread gets buttered in this job now.” Trained from birth to be on camera, she always knows exactly what’s expected of her and delivers, even if it seems a bit against her nature.  No silly hip- or head-cocking, no crossed legs, no “LOVE ME FOR GOD’S SAKE PLEASE LOVE ME” mugging.   She’s never been the most personable or easy-to-like celebrity, but she’s definitely easy to respect. Kristen Stewart should take notes. This is how you stand and pose when you don’t really want to but know it’s part of your job. Hell, half of young Hollywood should take notes.

And we appreciate that she went with a modern designer and chose a dress with a few slight details to it. Also, that shade of blue looks great on her. Then again, all shades of blue look great on her, which is why she wears it so much.  And it’s refreshing to see such a simple, delicate pair of shoes on a ladystar, no?



[Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock/,]

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