Jennifer Aniston in Alexander McQueen at the We’re the Millers Germany Premiere

Posted on August 16, 2013

GOD, Jen. Even when we specifically choose to feature you because we want to pay you a compliment, you have to go and ruin everything. You do this to us on purpose, don’t you? We’re starting to think the three of us have a toxic relationship. We wish we could quit you, Jen.

Oh, not really. But honey, what the hell.


Jennifer Aniston attends the premiere of “We’re The Millers” at the Cinestar cinema in Berlin, Germany in an Alexander McQueen dress paired with an Alexander McQueen belt and shoes, a Givenchy clutch, and Fred Leighton jewelry.

Alexander McQueen Peplum Dress. Alexander McQueen Corset Triple-buckled Leather Waist Belt. Givenchy Croc Clutch. Alexander McQueen Pumps.




You’ve been around the block a few times, honey. You should know better than to pull a stunt like that last pose. Leave that shit to the nameless Disney tweens they crank out every few months. You’re a star. You don’t beg for love. You assume it’s constantly flowing your way. Have some dignity.

Okay, with that off our chests…

We have to applaud this entire look. It’s true that whoever put it together basically styled Jennifer Lawrence in her head and just transposed the look onto Jennifer Aniston, but it’s got some shape and sass and personality to it (because it’s Jennifer Lawrence’s look, of course), and that can only be considered an improvement for her. True, wearing the belt backwards is just plain stupid and does nothing to help the look, but we’re not going to obsess over that too much because she’s wearing sleeves and pumps and she’s got her hair all big and swept to one side. These might seem like minor things to note, but they are, in fact, major developments in the Aniston style. They need to be encouraged.

We’ll work on color later.



[Photo Credit: API/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES,,, alexander]

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