IN or OUT: Kelly Rowland at the Fox All-Star Party

Posted on August 02, 2013

This looked a lot fresher to us in thumbnails, which is probably not the best way to open up voting on the topic.


Kelly Rowland attends the Fox All-Star Party in West Hollywood, California.

But truly, we thought this looked summer-fresh, but then we opened up the pics and realized it mostly looks like an unfinished dress. We’re not sure how we feel about the detailing on this one. That includes the Barbie eye makeup. It’s just not working for us. But we can admit that it’s Friday and we’re likely to be burnt out and cranky on the topic of celebrity fashion, so once again, we’re turning the final call over to you, our beloved minions:

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IN! Fresh! I love it!


OUT! Enh. Looks a little slutty-Barbie to me.


The Bitter Kittens collectively cocked an eyebrow and asked “You’re kidding, right?” when we asked them to vote on Paula Patton’s boob-and-thigh-tastic gown. It was voted OUT, of course.


[Photo Credit: Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images, WMTV/]

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