Cortland Tate and Kate Lyn Sheil at the Drinking Buddies Screening

Posted on August 20, 2013

You would think, after years of railing at celebrities about dressing appropriately for public appearances – especially industry-based ones like film premieres, which are, essentially product rollouts – that the following pictures would elicit an epic grumpy smackdown from the two of us.


Cortland Tate attends the “Drinking Buddies” screening at Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn, New York City.


Kate Lyn Sheil attends the ‘Drinking Buddies’ screening at Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn, New York City.


But the best we can manage is a shrug. It’s a Brooklyn screening, so we’re not going to get all high-falutin’ about it. Gowns were obviously not on the menu. That isn’t to say that we support the idea of anyone wearing Daisy Dukes to a film screening where pictures will be taken. But since the boystars have been showing up to so many events for so long now – some much more formal than this one, looking much sloppier than these two gals – we suppose it’s only fair the occasional lady gets to do it too. Granted, we tend to scream and yell at the boystars when they do it, but like we said: Brooklyn. Let it slide.

Although we’ll give Cortland all the credit in the world for putting together something cute and even a little dress. All Kate needs is a Pabst and a stoop somewhere to complete her outfit.

But still: Harrumph. We do not approve.


[Photo Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]

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