Amanda Seyfried in Sachin + Babi in London

Posted on August 15, 2013

Miss Amanda knows the score. When you find a pair of shoes and fall in love with them, you wear those mothers every single chance you get. Is there anything better than looking down and becoming ovewhelmed by just how fabulous your feet look at the moment? We suspect she’s sleeping in them by now.


Amanda Seyfried arrives at the BBC Radio 1 Studios in London in a Sachin + Babi polka dot dress paired with a black leather biker jacket, a Bottega Veneta bag and Givenchy sandals.

Sachin + Babi Resort 2014 Collection ‘Joscelina’ dress

The relationship between a girl and the shoes she loves is sometimes mysterious and unknowable to outsiders. We scratch our heads and hiss to each other behind her back, “Really? Those shoes?” But there’s no point. These things need to play out and unless the shoes are hurting her in some way, it’s best to let her be. At some point, a heel will break or a blister will form or some other, newer, sexier pair of shoes will come along to make her heart beat faster and this relationship will come to an end. We can hasten it by insisting on taking stairs and walking on cobblestones, but it’s best to let nature take its course. They seem to all be enjoying themselves at the moment.

Which is our way of saying they’re nice enough and all, but we don’t get why these are the ones she’s so devoted to. Ah well. She looks pretty fabulous in a totally London kind of way, so we have nothing but praise.

But Amanda, if you ever need to talk or those shoes ever make you feel bad, you tell us immediately, okay? There’s always a shoe department somewhere, just waiting for you to fall in love again, after all.




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