Sharon Stone at the “Lovelace” Screening

Posted on July 31, 2013

God bless this broad, she’s still working that Basic Instinct look. And why not, if you can still pull it off?


Sharon Stone attends screening of “Lovelace” in New York City.

Of course the jury is out on whether she can still pull it off. Our take is this: technically, she can get away with these sorts of looks – after all, nothing here is scandalously low cut or high-hemmed – but they just don’t look very fresh on her anymore. There’s nothing really wrong with the dress, but paired with the gold mules, gold cuffs, gold clutch and gigantic hair – it’s all a little crusty now. She’s overdue for a style update.

She’s also overdue on getting roots touched up, which is normally not a thing that bothers us, but honey, if you’re gonna wear your hair swept up like that … come ON, now. Was your hair queen drunk?


[Photo Credit: Nancy Rivera, ACE, Roger Wong/]

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