Selena Gomez at Adidas Launch

Posted on July 09, 2013

Oh great, Kristen Stewart. Now cutoffs are going to be a thing for the celebs, isn’t it? Thanks a LOT, Kristen.


Selena Gomez attends the “Selena Gomez and Adidas Neo Fall/Winter 2013 Collection” Launch Photocall in Berlin, Germany.

Adidas NEO Selena Gomez BBNEO Wedge Shoes

Aw, we’re teasing. What the hell else is a starlet supposed to wear to an Adidas launch featuring pictures of her … in cutoffs?

Wait. She has a line with Adidas? Why? She never struck us as the sporty type. She’s more the California neo-hippy type. But hey, her nail polish matches her athletic socks and that’s demonstrating a fairly firm commitment to the look, so we suppose we shouldn’t really bitch too much.

Celebrity photocalls featuring cutoffs and sneakers. Kittens, we fear for the world. With the amount of glamour and fabulosity in the atmosphere dwindling with each passing day, our grandchildren are likely to grow up in a world completely devoid of sparkle, divas, or attitude. Won’t you help? Do it for the children.


[Photo Credit: Away!/PR Photos,]

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