Ryan Reynolds in Burberry at the “Turbo” Premiere

Posted on July 10, 2013

This is all coming off more than a little try-hard to us:


Ryan Reynolds attends the premiere of “Turbo” in New York City in Burberry.

Granted, such assessments are totally subjective and mostly arbitrary, but still. We’re right. Just admit it.

Kidding aside (no really we’re right), we’d like this a lot more if he’d just button the jacket, choose a shirt that doesn’t make him look like he manages a strip club, and wear the tie properly. We don’t much love shiny suits, but if you’re going to wear one, you should commit to wearing it well. Otherwise you look sleazy. Also: shave. You’re not the kind of guy who can rock the 24-hour beard, Ryan.

Can you tell this is all not doing it for us? It’s Burberry. Why are you trying to make it look like ’60s Vegas mafioso clothes?



[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/PRPhotos.com]

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