Rashida Jones at the Helmut Newton Exhibition

Posted on July 02, 2013

This is so effortlessly chic and sassy, that we’re looking for the seam at her neck, where someone photoshopped Rashida’s head onto some stylish girl’s body.

Wow! That came out a LOT bitchier than we meant! Sorry, Rashida. We were just a bit taken aback by this:


Rashida Jones attends The Annenberg Space for Photography: Helmut Newton Exhibition Opening Night in Los Angeles.

At first glance we though the proportions and the stripes were a little wide-making. That’s probably still true, but she’s a gal who can actually sport an outfit that makes her look wider and come out all the better for it. Most mere mortals would probably have trouble pulling this one off, but the combo of the bright blue and graphic stripes really pop for someone whose style tends most often to be rather old-school secretarial in nature.

And it’s just so goddamn refreshing to see a platform heel deployed correctly, darlings. The proportions and style here are exactly right for the added bulk of a platform shoe.

Having said that, the hair’s a little goofy, she’s got the reverse raccoon eyes, the bag doesn’t go at all, and we think the jewelry is over-deployed. Also, she’s a tiny little slip of a girl, so we’re inclined to think she’s got way too much shirt tucked into that skirt, causing a bit of an unfortunate pooch.

Here’s our unasked-for advice, girl:

  1. Skip the giant tucked-in shirt and pair this skirt with something a little less voluminous.
  2. Get rid of the pendant.
  3. Sport a simple black clutch with a gold detail.
  4. Fix your hair.
  5. Fix your face.

So basically, keep the skirt and the shoes.


[Photo Credit: WMTV/PacificCoastNews.com, Mark Sullivan/Getty Images]

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