Rachel Bilson in Oscar de la Renta at “The To Do List’ Premiere

Posted on July 24, 2013

Okay, obligatory driveby bitchslap before we get to the dress: We can’t pass an ice cream freezer in a supermarket without thinking of her. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that’s NOT the driving goal of most young actresses. Could’ve been worse, though. Could’ve been tampons.

Hey, why aren’t there big-time celebrity endorsements for so-called feminine products? We’re thinking someone at Tampax headquarters should back up trucks to Amy Poehler’s and Tina Fey’s offices and just dump money on the two of them to do it. How awesome would that be?

We seem to have drifted again. Dress:

Rachel Bilson attends the premiere of “The To Do List” in Los Angeles in a strapless Oscar de la Renta dress paired with Casadei pumps.

Oscar de La Renta Resort 2014 Collection/Model: Clarice Vitkauskas

It’s a really pretty dress. We’re not loving the current micro-trend on the red carpet for this kind of silhouette because very few non-models can pull it off and it can go so wrong in pictures, making the wearer look like a turtle or like she’s back-pregnant (which is totally a thing now that we’ve said it). But the color looks absolutely beautiful on her and for once, we don’t mind the black pumps.* We do, however, mind the winged eye, because it doesn’t really suit her and it’s not at all the right makeup for a classically pretty and feminine dress like this. We kindasorta like the hair, though. Could do without the over-the-shoulder and the top of it’s a little wispy and flyaway, but it’s romantic. Also: jewelry. Oscar dresses demand it.

*About the shoes, because this is coming up again in comments: When we say we don’t like a black pump or a shoe chosen to match the wearer’s flesh tone, it doesn’t mean we don’t like those items per se; it means we think stylists are defaulting to them too much as a safe choice, and sometimes they not only do nothing for an outfit; they actively work against it. We’re all for our ladypeeps taking some style inspiration from our little dog and pony show, but you always have to remember: We’re talking about the singular world of celebrity public appearances, which means we’re looking at how things photograph, what the style choices mean for that star’s image, and how it stacks up against what other celebs are doing at the moment. In other words, wear your black pumps and silly putty pumps with pride, ladies. There’s nothing wrong with them – unless you’re attending the European premiere of your action movie or something.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PRPhotos.com, style.com]

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