Orlando Bloom in New York City

Posted on July 19, 2013

Sweet Jesus on a breadstick. We don’t care how hot it is in New York this week – and make no mistake, it is HOT as FUCK right now …


Orlando Bloom going out shirtless while walking his dog and his kid in New York City.

…there is nothing about these pictures that is not SPECTACULARLY douchey. Like “completely changed our opinion of him in a second” douchey.

Look, we don’t care how people choose to raise their kids and there’s not a thing wrong with employing child-rearing help if you can afford it, but Jesus Christ, Orlando. You didn’t think the optics of this were a little dicey? You, showing off your nipples to the paparazzi while someone else takes care of your kid? Let’s not pretend that he left the house completely unaware of the possibility he’d get photographed.  Save the pec shots for when your hired help isn’t tending to your child in the same frame, mkay? That shit’s just basic common sense. Even his kid is all “Dad, lock that shit down. There’s cameras.”



Although the leash technique is still kinda douchey, Legolas.



[Photo Credit: Elder Ordonez/INFphoto.com]

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