Miley Cyrus in Balenciaga in London

Posted on July 18, 2013

Bless this child. If you’re fetal-young, rich and skinny, then this is how you do it:


Miley Cyrus heads to BBC Radio One to promote her new album in London in a Balenciaga t-shirt paired with a Celine bag.

Balenciaga “Join A Weird Trip” T-shirt

If her outfit doesn’t inspire an urge in strangers to slap her, than she’s just not doing her job, kittens. Trust.

If she has any sense at all she’ll be embarrassed by this somewhat ridiculous getup some time around her 30th birthday, but for now, we can only nod in gay-uncle approval. You go on, girl. Dress like an attention-seeking brat while you can. You have our big, gay stamp of approval.

We reserve the right to revoke that approval on a whim, though. And rest assured, we will.




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