Matt Smith at BBCAmerica’s “Doctor Who” Panel at Comic-Con 2013

Posted on July 22, 2013

Now, we ask you: What is not to love here?


Matt Smith at BBC America’s “Doctor Who” 50th Anniversary panel during the 2013 San Diego Comic Convention.

Certain stars thrive at Comic-Con. Those are the real nerds; not the ones playing at being nerds or trying to earn some money off the nerds. Matt combines star power, Brit-hipster style, and true nerditry and comes out his own unique self among celebrities. We’re going to miss him when he leaves Doctor Who soon, but we’re fairly certain he’ll be the one Doctor who achieves true stardom outside the role.

We are so going to get yelled at for that last sentence. Look! Pretty jacket! Don’t you all want to talk about his pretty jacket and buzz cut, rather than yell at us, David Tennant fans? Or better yet, don’t you want to campaign for the first female or non-white Doctor to replace him? Of course you do! Dame Maggie Smith as the 12th Doctor! Start the fan campaign now, darlings!


[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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