Mary-Louise Parker in Memeka by Gustavo Cadile at the “Red 2” Premiere

Posted on July 12, 2013



Mary-Louise Parker attends the premiere of “Red 2” in Los Angeles in a Memeka by Gustavo Cadile dress paired with a Lauren Merkin clutch.

We realize that’s damning with faint praise, but MLP clearly has a goal in mind whenever she gets dressed and that goal is “CAN YOU BELIEVE I’M CLOSING IN ON FIFTY, BITCHES?” Which means the dresses are usually short and youthful, if not particularly stylish or interesting. We honestly can’t fault her, because she sure as hell can pull them off, but  belt or a less ugly pair of shoes would have made T Lo a lot happier. Maybe a bangle or a cuff. Come on, ML, your legs can’t be your only accessory, fabulous as they are. Besides that thing looks like a sparkly hospital gown.


[Photo Credit: Izumi Hasegawa/PR Photos]

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