Mary-Louise Parker in Alberta Ferretti at the “Red 2” Premiere

Posted on July 23, 2013

We were saddened to hear that Mary-Louise is considering retiring from the acting business because people on the internet said bad things about her. We also secretly hoped she was referring to that time we said she looked a little honky-tonk walking down a NYC street.

But really, Mary-Louise. You’re just looking at this the wrong way. For instance, at the last Red2 premiere (in a line of about 30 apparently) that we covered, we noted your shapeless glittery hospital gown of a dress and quite meanly deemed it unobjectionable (because sometimes the faintest praise can land like the hardest slap, darlings).

But look! Our mean and intemperate words had an effect!


Mary-Louise Parker attends the “Red 2” European Premiere in London in a Alberta Ferretti dress paired with Jimmy Choo shoes, and David Morris jewelry.

Because this glittery dress isn’t shapeless at all and no one in their right mind would compare it to a hospital gown! What we’re trying to say, Mary-Louise, is that we love your look here and we like to pretend that our mean words are what drove you to improve yourself on the style front. Embrace the bitchy, darling. Well-applied bitchiness by a licensed practitioner (such as we) can unclog pores, re-align chakras, minimize joint pain, and get silly attention-seeking stars to dress better.

In as much seriousness as we can muster (which isn’t much, since our tongues are now firmly stuck in our cheeks), we really do love this dress on her. In fact, it suits her so perfectly, we think it’s a “Girl, that is your dress ONLY” thing. We’re pretty sure we’d love this dress a lot less on most other women. It’s a little too much on the sparkly/flirty/girly side of the aisle for us, but it works just perfectly for her.

Does she ever wear pants? We don’t think we’ve ever seen her legs covered, except at formal events, in a gown. They really are spectacular, though. We don’t blame her a bit for showing them off.

See, Mary-Louise? Bitchiness (from licensed practitioners such as we)  can sometimes loop around back to kindness. Embrace the bitchy, dear.



[Photo Credit: Kiera Fyles/,]

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