Kylie Minogue in Portofino

Posted on July 30, 2013

Because we have penises –

This is why you come here, darlings. Attention-getting opening lines.

Because we have penises (and no predilection for wanting to wear ladyclothes) even we, as fabulous as we are, sometimes look at a ladygarment and wonder…why?

Ladies, we’re asking you:


Kylie Minogue out and about in Portofino, Italy.


We honest-to-Coco, no-lie, a hundred percent DO NOT GET this outfit. We don’t think it’s horrible (although the shoes are); just that it’s such an odd and fussy look. It’s a table cloth with a hole for the head. And are we seeing those sleeves correctly? They cuff at the elbow (which sounds annoying) and then hang down a few inches past the cuff? And then she wears a weird romper-thing underneath that? And then belts the whole thing?

Ladies: Explain it to us. Not that Kylie Minogue has much in common with the average lady and the way she dresses to get through her day, but can you at least understand this outfit? Because we really can’t. There are cute summer B&W outfits with lace and shorts out there, but this is one weird iteration of the look. At least to penis’d people such as we.

But hey; her hair’s cute.


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