Jennifer Lawrence at the Dior Couture Show

Posted on July 02, 2013

Aw, we feel like Jen’s not gonna get a lot of love for this one (except maybe for the Jeniacs, who would praise her if she wore a burlap sack smeared with pudding), but we actually kinda dig it.

Look, before you scroll down to get the whole effect, bear in mind that she’s at a couture show in Paris.


Jennifer Lawrence attends the Christian Dior Fall 2013 Couture fashion show in Paris.

Christian Dior Resort 2014 Collection/Model: Marine Deleeuw (ELITE)

We probably wouldn’t want to see her wear this anywhere else but a couture show in Paris, but still; we like it here. It’s wildly unexpected for her. From the minute she signed her contract with Dior we said we didn’t think she embodied the house look very well – and truth be told, as much as we like this (mostly for being venue-appropriate in the extreme and because it’s so unexpected from her), we can admit that it’s not exactly within Jen’s effortless wheelhouse. She’s clearly struggling with this one. That’s what makes it so perfect for a couture show, darlings. Because no one sitting in the front row of a couture show should be entirely comfortable in what they’re wearing. If they are, then they’re doing it wrong.

So yeah; this is totally cray and we admit that it doesn’t really suit her all that well, but this is Paris, these are the couture shows, and she’s a star. Based on all that, it really works for us. We guarantee no one was as photographed or talked-about as her.

One final bit of bitchery: Girl, that is NOT your hairstyle. An outfit this insanely declarative needed more than mousey bookkeeper hair. Let’s get some Katniss all up in this hair joint.



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