It Was Seven Years Ago Today

Posted on July 22, 2013

We can hardly believe it’s true ourselves, but seven years ago today, we hastily slapped together a post declaring our love for Project Runway season 3 contestant Laura Bennett and we were off and running, on an adventure neither of us could have predicted.

Before we get to work bringing y’all the bitchery you came here for, we’d like to take a moment to pause, reflect, and thank the Bitter Kittens for their support.



Okay, enough pausing. Look at our book cover!


We could act all cool and shit about it, but we danced around like pre-teen girls in front of a Harry Styles poster when we saw that our l’il ol’ book was finally available for pre-order (here and here, among many other places) and figured our seventh blogiversary would be the best time to unveil it and brag about it a little. Sue us. We’re so excited we could pee.

Doesn’t it look like a cartoon Elizabeth Montgomery is about to fly through the title on a broom? Or is that just us? Because that’s literally what we said to our editor when presented with a range of font styles. “We want the one that looks like Bewitched!”

Also, we love it because it reminds us of the pink-and-purple blogspot theme we first used for Project Rungay, as well as our many “Virgins & Vixens” posts from long ago, awash as they were in mid-Century glamour photography. In other words, you have to be a long-time BK to see it, but the cover really pays tribute to our own site’s history in a way.

We’re feeling squishy and sentimental. That’s no good. We have dresses to rip today.


All attention-seeking aside, we really do thank all of y’all for your support over the years, as you watched us go from grubby, fumbling fan bloggers to … whatever it is we are today. Grubby, fumbling fan bloggers with a book deal and a publicity photo, we guess. Either way, we truly, no-bullshit-even-though-it-sounds-like-it could NOT have done it without our Bitter Kittens. We love you guys.


Okay, onward; to seven more years of bitchery.



[Photo Credit: Chris Crisman; Book cover: Perigee Press]

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