Heidi Klum in New York City

Posted on July 03, 2013

Heidi shows a little love to one of her Project Runway designer pets.


Heidi Klum out for a stroll with her family in New York City.

Dress designed by Project Runway Season 11 winner Michelle Lesniak Franklin for the Lord & Taylor challenge.

That’s a rare thing. To be honest, we’ve always judged her a little for not doing more to promote the wares of some of Project Runway’s more notable and talented alums. She’s an international star with a constant camera trained on her. All she ever had to do was what she’s doing here; put on something designed by a PR alum and walk around a little. It’s not that she owes any of the PR alums this kind of treatment (although you could make the argument – and we’ve heard PR alums make it), but it’s  just good business sense, really. She’s a producer of the show as well as being an internationally famous model. She helps the show’s brand by putting on wares from its alums and showing the world what they’re capable of.  We know for a fact that some PR alums deliberately designed short dresses in either their finale collections or post-PR collections specifically in the hopes that they could get Heidi to wear them. Granted, as we all know, there are a LOT of bad dresses and some unimpressive designers in PR’s history, so we’re not arguing that Heidi wear any old thing just to promote the brand. But among the many finalists in the show’s history, there are plenty of talented designers making just the kinds of clothes that look great on Heidi.

This is a semi-long way of saying she looks great and she should do this more often.


[Photo Credit: GG/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, Lord & Taylor]

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