George Clooney in Paris

Posted on July 17, 2013

Hi, George!


George Clooney heads to the Nespresso store in Paris, France, after having lunch at Ledoyen restaurant.

This is what it’s like when George heads to the Nespresso store. The clouds part, doves fly overhead (no, really; check it), and huge masses of people suddenly appear, weeping and shouting. You should see what it’s like when he walks into a car dealership. Unicorns. Seriously.

Okay, you’ll have to pardon us if we find the wire service caption here a little suspect, since there are apparently crowds lining the street outside the Nespresso store, just waiting for someone famous to show up. Either way, George looks pretty good here, which means he’s probably taking interviews for the next Not-Mrs. George, since the last one was cut loose and set out to sea.



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