Catherine Zeta-Jones in Michael Kors at the “Red 2” Premiere

Posted on July 17, 2013

Oh, honey. We can see you’re trying here…


Catherine Zeta-Jones attends the premiere of “Red 2” at MOMA in New York City in a Michael Kors dress paired with Maiyet shoes and Neil Lane earrings.

We’ll start with this: we actually like the dress. We very much dislike the to-the-thigh slit, but just about everything else in the design appeals to us. It has a modern feel she desperately needs in her style. Or it would have, if it wasn’t slit to the damn thigh. Lady, if the number one style message you want to send is “I still got it,” then you’re only planting the question of whether you still got it automatically in people’s heads every time they see you. It’s just not a good idea to make it your primary goal, hon. Better to dress with the assumption one still has it and proceed from there, rather than starting with the idea that one has to prove it. Also, you tend toward too heavy shoes, dear. Those are fabulous shoes, but they’re fighting with the dress a little. Still we’d take them if you just stitched up a good eight inches of that slit. The whole look would improve immeasurably. Also: think about moving away from constant blacks.

Then maybe we can start talking about freshening up the hair, sweetie. Baby steps, we know. Don’t worry. We’re patient bitches. We’ve imaginary-helped many a ladystar correct her style mistakes.



[Photo Credit: ACE, Jennifer Graylock/]

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