Armie Hammer in Gucci at “The Lone Ranger” London Premiere

Posted on July 22, 2013

Oh look. Armie took our advice. Haven’t we always said that the celebs all secretly hang onto our every word in order to make style and career decisions that make sense? It’s true. They just won’t admit it. Shut up. Your face is delusional.

Anyway, the poledance for this doomed movie had quickly taken a “chronic depression” turn on the style front, and we said this about him last week, when he was about to burst into tears on the red carpet: “we have no advice for Armie except to cheer up, shave, put on a bright orange tie, and ask your assistant to pack more Visine.”

Looks like he took all that advice and ran with it:

Armie Hammer (pictured with Elizabeth Chambers) at the premiere of “The Lone Ranger” in London in Gucci.

Gucci Spring 2013 Collection


Attaboy. That’s a look that says, “I’m moving forward, world! Look how fucking optimistic I am!” Bringing the wife and the horse along were good ideas too because props always help; especially if the last red carpet had you all alone in a grey suit with tears in your eyes.

Long way of saying, “Great suit! Thumbs up, buddy!”



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