Anne Hathaway in West Hollywood

Posted on July 23, 2013

To be perfectly honest, her hubs has been giving some serious stinkeye to the paps lately, forcing us to not post the pictures because it’s hard to be bitchy about someone’s outfit when her husband is staring back at you, looking like he’s caught somewhere on the halfway point between tears and rage.


Anne Hathaway shopping in West Hollywood, California.

And while hubs is somewhere lurking just out of frame of these shots, we kinda got the distinct impression he was holding back and letting her get her picture taken this time, as if he’d become resigned to it.

We do so love our little celebrity stories. Totally made up inside our heads, but they tend to make talking about their outfits more fun when we spin out all this drama. But seriously, it’s nice to see some Anne on the street pictures without her high-strung-looking spouse clenching his jaw and making the veins on his forehead stick out.

Anyway, Annie looks great! We’re not sure why she’d want to be dressed so darkly in the hot summer sun, but we can’t deny the outfit’s cute and smart. The shoes actually work with the look, but we seriously don’t get how someone walks in them without looking robotic. How do you roll your foot as you take a step? Or do you just give up that aspect of locomotion and goose-step around all day? Ladies, we’re asking.




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