Allison Williams on the Set of “Girls”

Posted on July 31, 2013

Our secret, only-in-our-living-room title for the show is Girls … Who Dress Really Shitty. Back when the show first started and we made a go of trying to keep up with it (something we do only sporadically now), we’d actually say that. “Honey, Girls Who Dress Really Shitty is coming on. Do you want to watch it?”

The one exception is Allison’s character.


Allison Williams on the set of “Girls” in New York City.

The clothes are pretty plain most of the time; perfectly ordinary street clothes, but that’s what makes them so appealing. We like this look for her. She’s not a fashion-forward or even trendy character (although she probably likes to think she is); she’s just another privileged NY working girl. This outfit’s cute, serviceable, and like something you’d see in your real life.

And we’ll say this about the show’s costuming: it’s very, very good. Most of the characters on the show dress pretty shitty, but that’s totally true for the age of the characters, the time, the place, and the types of people being depicted. But man, sometimes Lena and Zosia’s getups make these two prissy fashion bloggers cringe.



[Photo Creit:]

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