Adam Lambert in West Hollywood

Posted on July 12, 2013

We may be late on noticing this (pre-emptive strike against the Lambertphiles who will descend upon us like locusts if we get one thing wrong about him), but Adam seems to have been making a concerted effort to switch his style up.

We’re not sure we’re loving the results.


Adam Lambert stops to pick up his lunch to go at M Cafe in West Hollywood, California.

We’ve been noticing more and more of the colorful print shirts and lighter style clothing in his rotation lately. It’s this slightly odd melange of rocker/hipster/hairdresser that takes some getting used to for us. Let’s break it down. We genuinely like the shirt and pants, but to our eyes, they make an odd match with the rockabilly boots and the belt. Plus all that jewelry, kittens. We’re not inclined to love a lot of jewelry on men, but when he’s wearing something closer to the Lambert stagewear look, we barely notice all the bling. It works for him and it’s his own personal style. But all that metal and sparkle seriously doesn’t work with that outfit. The boots and belt are a minor quibble and we can live with them, but the bling really doesn’t go at all.

Oh, we are so in for it now, aren’t we?



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