Vanessa Hudgens in Blu Moon

Posted on June 20, 2013

We’re really trying here, Vanessa. But you’re not making it easy for us.


Vanessa Hudgens attends the Oakley Bali Pro in Benoa, Bali, Indonesia in a Blu Moon jumper.

Blu Moon Tie Bottom Jumper

On the one hand, we want to say, “She’s in Indonesia! Loosen up! Indulge in some flow and some pattern and some color!

On the other hand, those shoes are so hideous and that men’s belt such a bad attempt at giving this thing shape that we’re struggling mightily not to be total bitches. And we have to admit, even on the model this thing is kind of crazy-unflattering. It’s all balloon-y and blouson at those parts most ladies don’t want to be ballooning out. A paisley, pajama-style jumper isn’t necessarily a bad idea for summer, but this one just can’t be prettied up.



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