Mindy Kaling in Kaelen

Posted on June 04, 2013

In a reversal of our normal “We thought we liked this but in fact, we hate it!!” post, we thought we hated this, but it turns out we kinda dig it.


Mindy Kaling attends the premiere of ‘This Is The End’ in Westwood, California in a Kaelen dress paired with a TOMTOM bracelet and ring and Luv AJ earrings.

Kaelen Spring 2013 Collection

TomTom Negative Space Chevron Ring

It’s just that we don’t at all dig it with a belt added to it. It – quite literally – ruins the line of the dress. We understand why Mindy had the impulse to bring the waist in a little bit, but we really think this dress only works when it hangs free. At first we were going to roll our necks and intone that Girl, This is NOT Your Dress, but we have to say, we think this could work for her without the belt. It might need to be fitted a little better to her figure, but the effect would be worth it. That bold line of black would look great if it just hung straight on her.

Excellent jewelry choices, though. Love that ring.



[Photo Credit: Getty, kaelennyc.com, tomtomjewelry.com]

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