Miley Cyrus in NYC

Posted on June 26, 2013

Oh god, we’re so confused.


Miley Cyrus leaves ‘Good Morning America’ studios in New York City.

Are we supposed to laugh at her fuzzy cashmere diaper? Applaud and yell out Huzzahs and Bravas? Wag our finger sternly and tell her to stop dressing like a … like a … a fuzzy DIAPER PROSTITUTE? Or something?

See, this is when it’s tough being a gay uncle. Sometimes the gay and the uncle part war with each other.

Okay, you know what? We’re gonna take a stand here. Bitchy gay wins out over fabu-gay and uncle-gay. Girl, you look fucking RIDIC. You look like an 80-year-old socialite with dementia. In case it’s not clear, that’s NOT a compliment.



[Photo Credit: Colin MacFarlane/]

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