Mary-Louise Parker in NYC

Posted on June 25, 2013

Honestly, we’re not nearly as judgmental as we come across sometimes.

No, really.


Mary-Louise Parker seen leaving the Greenwich Hotel in New York City.

For instance, if we saw a lady walking down a city street on a hot day dressed like this, we…

Okay, yes. We might actually judge her for looking a little honky-tonk in the middle of the day, that’s true. Fine. Forget that part. Our point is, we try and let the stars have their time on the street without being too judgmental about what they’re wearing, but in this case, we’re afraid our first reaction was, “Honey, you’re promoting your movie right now! What are you doing?!?” Fine. Take some time off from the poledance to relax, but you had to have known that there’d be photographers outside your hotel, right?

Besides, the Nancy Botwin drag is getting a little tired, wouldn’t you say, Mary Louise?



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