Kevin Hart in Clothsurgeon

Posted on June 21, 2013

At first we were all “LOLZERS! We are SO gonna make fun of this!”

Then we were all, “Wait. Maybe we shouldn’t be so white about this.”


Kevin Hart attends the premiere of ‘Kevin Hart:Let Me Explain’ in New York City in a Clothsurgeon floral-print silk and leather bomber jacket.

Then we were all, “Oh come on! It’s a combination Hawaiian shirt/bomber jacket! It’s ripe!”

And then we were all, “Y,know, to be fair, we’re always going on about men needing to embrace their dandyism and that jacket is kind of fun, the more we look at it.”

And after that we were all, “Okaaaaaaay. Maybe we could get behind that. But … shower curtain. Amirite?”

But finally we sort of came around and were all, “Okay, fine. That jacket could be the start of a fun look with some smart styling. But the rest of his outfit makes him look like a cult member.”

Annnnnd scene.


[Photo Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images]

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