Henry Cavill in Tom Ford

Posted on June 14, 2013

Dear God, is there time? Do we have a lot more to come on the Super-poledance tour? Because we are in DIRE need of a course-correction here.

Henry, take notes.


Henry Cavill (pictured with Amy Adams) attends the UK premiere of ‘Man of Steel’ in a three-piece Tom Ford suit.


  1. STOP WEARING TOM FORD. You are too broad for his wide-lapeled, shoulder-focused silhouette.
  2. Stop wearing three-piece suits. Again, you’re too broad for them.
  3. Stop wearing grey. It does nothing for your coloring. A succession of blue and black suits will do you much better.
  4. For Jesus’ sake, please get everything impeccably fitted and tailored. We should never be seeing that much jacket flap or that much pants puddle.
  5. We suggest dark, solid-color suits with patterned shirts and ties.. It will draw the eye to your broad chest without making you look thick.
  6. Keep doing what you’re doing with that face because it’s the only thing working right now.



[Photo Credit: Landmark, Solarpix, PR Photos]

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