Henry Cavill in Tom Ford at the ‘Man of Steel’ Premiere

Posted on June 11, 2013

Ohhhhhhhh, HENRY.  Our disappointment is a bottomless well of despair.


Henry Cavill attends the world premiere of ‘Man Of Steel’ in New York City in Tom Ford.

This is your big damn superhero movie, son! You are about to become a household name! Probably! This was not the time for a gray suit and black tie! You’re Superman! Blue suit! Red tie! Yellow socks! This isn’t hard!

Okay, we can’t type another exclamation point.

Leaving aside our preference to see him sporting some (primary) color in this ensemble, it’s still drab and poorly fitted to him. The Tom Ford aesthetic of huge lapels, super-wide ties and squared-off shoulders doesn’t seem to quite work in the real world on a body like Henry’s, which is already quite broad-shouldered and barrel-chested enough. He needed a slimmer-cut suit and some print and color in order to make a splash here. This look doesn’t say “STAR OF THIS GIGANTIC FILM,” it says, “My publicist got me an invite.” Tsk.

Oh, but he is pretty, though; isn’t he?



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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