Henry Cavill in Ermenegildo Zegna

Posted on June 25, 2013

Please allow us to start off the day with a little obnoxious back-patting. You should know that we tend to start every day off like that, but today we’re sharing it with you.


Henry Cavill attends the premiere of ‘Man Of Steel’ in Sydney, Australia in an Ermenegildo Zegna pinstripe suit.

We were going to give Henry an “Attaboy” here but frankly, that suit, gorgeous as it is, is as ill-fitted and ill-suited to him as all the rest of the ones he’s been wearing on the super-poledance.


He IS wearing a blue suit and a red tie, which we begged him to do because it’s about as classic a Clark Kent look as one can manage, visually ties him to the movie poster, and sets off his own coloring much, much better than that drab succession of grey suits and black ties. Why a blue-eyed guy needed us to berate him into wearing a blue suit is beyond our capabilities to explain. Then again, so are those weirdly long sleeves.

Henry, you’ve got to ditch the vests. Or waistcoats, if you’re confused about the terminology we’ve been using and mistakenly think we’ve been advising you to go sans undershirts this whole time.


[Photo Credit: INFPhoto.com]

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