Henry Cavill Double Shot

Posted on June 21, 2013

Is it us, or is he starting to look a little like Ronald Reagan? And not young, movie star Ronald Reagan.


Henry Cavill attends the premiere of ‘Man of Steel’ in Madrid in a Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit.

This is a better fit for him than a lot of the suits he’s worn for this Super-tour. We still don’t think he benefits from the vest or the thick tie, but at least he doesn’t look stuffed into this one. The purple’s a nice touch.

But our issue with his super-styling finally coalesced for us with the Reagan remark. He’s too stiff and maturely styled in a lot of ways. His image could really benefit from a tiny bit of loosening up. Bear in mind this is someone who was born when Ronald Reagan was running for his second term as President. He’s a LOT younger than he comes across sometimes. He’s TWO YEARS younger than Justin Timberlake, for instance.


Henry Cavill (pictured with Zack Snyder and Charles Roven) attends a press conference to promote his new movie, ‘Man of Steel,’ in Shanghai, China.

Like a middle-aged banker on Casual Friday.

Y’know, if they’d asked our opinion – and really, they should have – this is not the direction in which we would have gone with Henry. Clearly the goal of the new film is to make Superman look younger and fresher to 2013 audiences, so it kinda puzzles us that he gets styled in such a mature manner. How many just-turned-30 male stars dress like this casually? He looks good, of course. But that’s because he’s good-looking. We think they could choose a slightly more youthful look for his Super-poledance than this.

He’s lucky he’s so purty.


[Photo Credit: Solarpix/PR Photos, INFphoto.com]

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