Posted on May 02, 2013

Oh, what the hell. Why not. One more time, darlings.


Allegra, Dubai

To be honest, we just want to celebrate that we’re finally getting a break from Project Runway, which we’ve been blogging non-stop in one form or another for over 18 months. Kittens, we need the rest.

We doubt we’ll bother with a recap tomorrow, but we figured if there’s one place our kittens should be tonight while these dirty little attention whores all claw at each other, it’s in Dubai with the rest of the Bitter Kittens, amirite?


We will be disappointed if we don’t see some serious crazy tonight.



And since we’ve had a T LOunge every week for a year and a half now, we’re loath to let them go. Why don’t y’all come back here on Sunday evening and we’ll find some retro lounge to sit and watch Mad Men in?  Sound good, darlings?


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