Tatiana Maslany in Parker and Cameo

Posted on May 31, 2013

We were so pleased with ourselves for coining the term Frankendress, but then someone had to get literal about it and make a Frankenskirt.


‘Orphan Black’ star Tatiana Maslany attends the Variety Emmy Studio in West Hollywood, California in a black Parker top paired with a Cameo skirt and Kara Ackerman ring. 

Cameo He Said What Skirt

Kara Ackerman Ring

This could be really cute, but we think the colors – or rather, the non-colors – of the skirt aren’t helping the look. This is going to put some awful imagery in your head and for that we apologize, but it totally looks like it’s made out of skin.

Right? Ew.

And it’s a shame, because the shape and the idea are really cute and if it was only in a bright pink or a deep blue or basically any other colors but these, that skirt would rock. The top’s a little on the bland side, though.

But the real reason we’re featuring her here is because we’re madly in love with her after falling madly in love with her series, Orphan Black on BBC America. We cannot recommend this show enough. It gets into some really goofy sci-fi stuff at certain points, but really, it’s no worse than Lost was on that front. And we’re making that comparison deliberately, because it hasn’t been since early-season Lost that a show has done such an amazing job of keeping the plot moving and the tension building, while at the same time giving us engrossing characters that we can’t help fall in love with just a little bit, even as we hate some of them. What makes this so much more fascinating is that almost all of the various engrossing characters are played by Tatiana – and she sometimes does a jaw-dropping job of totally becoming a different person each time. We’re not kidding when we say it’ll be a crime if she doesn’t get an Emmy nomination. She’s that good. Some of the very best, most intense acting on television right now.



[Photo Credit: Getty, fashion88.net, karaackerman.com]

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