Solange Knowles in NYC

Posted on May 09, 2013

Once again, Miss Solange has given us much to discuss.


Solange Knowles leaves her hotel in New York City in a Low Classic from Opening Ceremony striped suit paired with Miu Miu platform sandals.

Low Classic from Opening Ceremony Striped Pants

Miu Miu Satin Platform Sandal with Jeweled Heel

See, we liked the initial impact of this look so much that we were instantly willing to forgive the clownier aspects of it, like extending the stripe theme into the shades, sporting a purse that looks equally as suitable for a 6-year-old, and wearing those clodhopper sandals. Don’t get us wrong; we love each of the pieces we just singled out. It’s just that we think they’re each a bit too much when paired with that suit. But like we said, we were willing to forgive all of it because the outfit is so fun and has such a fresh little attitude to it.

Jesus, we’re sounding more like fashion editors every day. Did we ever tell you all how much we love Janeane Garafolo’s ancient riff on fashion and beauty magazine-speak? “‘PRETTY IS IN!’ Thank GOD, because those ugly girls have been getting a free ride for WAY TOO LONG.”

Anyway, we seem to have wandered off a bit. Our point is, we love the look, despite the over-styling of it. Or at least we did until we got to those … well, we were going to call them “seams,” but that’s rather missing the point, don’t you think? Nope. Can’t sign off on any outfit that starts out cute, but makes the wearer look like they just survived a shark attack or industrial accident the longer you look at it.

But thanks for giving us something to talk about, girl.


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