RuPaul’s Drag Race: There Can Be Only One

Posted on May 07, 2013


Once again, after another extavaganza of a finale and a last-second coronation, we turned to each other and said, “Now, how in the hell are we supposed to recap THAT?”


We’ll just say it: we hate the show’s turn toward even grander artifice in the last few seasons. RPDR has always worked as a satire of reality television competitions, which means it was always quite gleefully open about indulging in the fakery of it all. And we don’t necessarily object to ending a season with a big, glossy stage dragstavaganza.


But once the initial pageant-like introductions were out of the way (as well as the obligatory plugging of Ru’s latest single) the entire two hours was devoted to watching people pretend, pretend, pretend as if their lives depended on it.


Detox was clearly pissed about not being in the finals, but the Oprah-style interview portion prevented her from really letting her hair down. Similarly, the Roxxxy/Jinkx feud was air-kissed away, as was the Coco/Alyssa one. We want to see these bitches rip each other’s wigs off, not blow kisses at each other from across the stage.

And we’re also just gonna say this: There’s a reason a lot of these girls went home early and lack of the all-important Charisma was chief among them. Which means Ru’s insistence on giving every queen a time in the spotlight left us with at least an hour of boredom. Who the hell was jonesing for  Honey Mahogany or Vivienne Pinay interview at this date?


If Ru really wants to end the season on a stage show  – and like we said, we fully support the idea – then that should be part of the final challenge, similar to Project Runway taking the finalists to Fashion Week. It would have been a hell of a lot more entertaining spending two hours watching Jinkx, Alaska and Roxxxy rehearse and perform a stage show with RuPaul. Instead we had to sit through a lot of boring queens and fake smiling in order to shove a crown on a winner’s head in the last 30 seconds of the show. And the worst part of all? Because this is pre-taped, and all three finalists were crowned to prevent the winner from leaking, we got no actual true emotional response from a winner. Because we can guarantee, if Jinkx had been up on that stage when she found out she won, we would have been treated to some high drama and tears.


But big CONDRAGULATIONS to Jinkx. We were rooting for her all the way and we’re thrilled to see her win it. We were kinda rooting for Alaska as well, but we definitely leaned Jinkx’s way.


Also: congrats to Ivy Winters. Totally didn’t see that one coming.



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